Taking a Chance: a Poem

April 11, 2017

As I prepare to graduate from university and put my all into Paige's Planet, I sit at the precipice of excitement and fear. It is something I am experiencing in a community of my friends. It is a place of opportunity and hope, but great risk of failure as well.


I hope to use any talents or gifts I have, artistic and otherwise, to making this world a better place to live for every creature we share it with. This is the only home we have, I can't wait to spend my life protecting it.


I am ready for the next adventure

I'm at the cliff, I want to dive.

Hands are ice, heart on fire,

Good chance I won't make it back alive.

Won't close my eyes, I want to see

Just air beneath my tired feet.

Falling and flying start the same way:

A prayer that God will give me wings.

A tether ties me to the ground

It's made of love and memory

There comes a time it must be cut

Or I will never be free.

For if I stay on solid ground

I won't know where I might have gone,

For what I seek cannot be seen

It is as silent as the dawn.



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