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The Day of No More Homework: A Children's Book Idea

Trenna hated homework. She didn't hate going to school. She liked seeing her fiends and her teacher, Mrs. Perkins. She loved playing outside on the swings and eating lunch in the noisy cafeteria. Her favorite subject was science, but she also liked reading, writing, and math.

Every day Trenna ran through the front door of her mom's house and flung her backpack onto the couch and headed for her room!

Trenna didn't just play with her toys, she took them on wild adventures! When the sun was shining they went outside and imagined they were surviving in the wilderness. Sometimes Trenna's little brother, James, played along! They imagined that they lived in the trees and wrote secret messages on leaves about where to find the best fruit for dinner.

If it rained, Trenna imagined that she and her toys were creatures that had crawled out of the sea to eat unsuspecting little brothers!

That is until she heard her mom call out "Trenna! Come inside, you need to start on your homework before dinner!"

Trenna hated homework. It took forever! She tried everything to get her mom to let her skip her homework. She put on plays in the kitchen, gave recitals and made up silly dances to distract her mom. She explained that her brain was still full from everything she had learned that day! She even tried to get James to eat her homework so she wouldn't have to do it. He wasn't hungry.

One Monday afternoon Trenna stared down at the table sadly, getting ready to unpack her homework. Then she heard a strange noise. It sounded like wind chimes, but it was coming from her backpack. Trenna looked around but she didn't see anything. It got louder and louder until it sounded like cymbals crashing all around her!

Then Trenna slowly unzipped her backpack with a gulp. To her shock all of her books and papers had vanished! There was nothing but a small note written on a gold piece of paper. It read, "You wished for fun and so you've won.... no more homework for anyone! -- The Homework Monster"

Trenna didn't know what to say.

That night she quietly ate her dinner. Her mom did not mention anything about homework. Trenna went to bed with a big smile on her face. Maybe it was true. Maybe Trenna had made homework disappear for every kid in the world!

That night Trenna dreamed that she was running away from a giant homework monster! He looked like a dragon, but instead of breathing fire, grammar and math problems bit at her heals.

Trenna yawned and opened her eyes, The sun was streaming into her window. She looked at the clock with horror. It was almost 9:30 in the morning! School started at 8:00! Trenna's mom usually woke her up to get ready for school, but there was no sign of her! Trenna ran out of her bedroom and into the living room.

Trenna's mom sat on the couch in a giant fluffy robe and bunny slippers. She was watching cartoons and eating from a box of donuts that sat on her lap.

"Mom!" Trenna yelled, "What are you doing?! I have to go to school and you have to go to work!"

Trenna's mom laughed. "What are you talking about, Trenna?" she asked, "There is no such thing as work! No come sit on the couch, watch some cartoons and eat your donuts young lady."

Trenna was shocked. She ran to the window to look outside. Every car in her neighborhood was parked in the driveway. No one was at school or work. Some of the kids in her neighborhood were playing outside and riding bikes when they should have been in school! A giant goofy smile stretched across Trenna's face. This was better than she could have hoped! Not only was homework gone, but school and work had vanished too! She had saved everyone in the whole world from doing things they didn't want to do! She was like a super hero!

Sure Trenna had liked some things about school, but not as much as she liked donuts! She plopped down on the couch next to her mom. Later James joined them too. It was a wonderful day.

The next day went the same way. This time her mom was eating cookie dough ice cream FOR BREAKFAST! Trenna thought she could get used to this!

On the third day though, Trenna was starting to feel pretty sick. All of the sweet food was hurting her tummy. She missed her friends. She missed Mrs. Perkins and all of the cool things she could be learning at school. She missed going outside on the swings. Trenna even missed doing homework!

On the fourth day Trenna got up early and went into her mom's bedroom. "Mom," Trenna whispered, "Can I please go to school today?"

Trenna's mom yawned, "No Trenna, there is no such thing as school. No homework. No school. We only do things we want to do, silly." Then her mom turned over and went back to sleep.

Trenna felt like crying. She did love playtime, but she missed school! She shook her mom's arm, "Mom! I want to go to school!! I don't care if that means that means I have to do homework every night! I want to go to school! Please!!"

Trenna's mom was still asleep.

Trenna ran around the house, looking everywhere for her books! All of this started when that monster made homework go away.

Trenna didn't find a trace of any homework, not so much as a number 2 pencil.

Just when she was about to give up, she heard that noise, the one that sounded like wind chimes, coming from her empty backpack! She squealed with hope as the sound got louder and louder. Then it suddenly stopped. Trenna crept over to her backpack and carefully unzipped it. Inside was everything! Her math book, her reading book, and her language arts homework! There was also a note at the bottom of the pack.

It said, "A lesson learned, a new wish earned. Homework now will be returned. --The Homework Monster"

Suddenly Trenna's mom walked into the room, dressed for work. James came trailing behind her dressed for day care. "Trenna, what are you doing?" her mom asked, "You'll be late for school! Quickly go get dressed!"

Trenna ran to her mom and gave her a giant hug.

That night when Trenna's mom called her inside to do her homework Trenna worked harder than she ever had before! She finished in half the time it usually took her.

"Wow Trenna, great job on your homework! You finished that so fast it seemed like a monster was chasing you!" Trenna's mom said. Then she winked at Trenna.

Trenna smiled up at her mom, "Don't be silly Mom. There's no such thing as a homework monster!"

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