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2019 Planet Protector Challenge: January

The fireworks and festive food are behind us and the new year, filled with unknowns and endless possibilities, sits before us. In the literal and figurative climate of the world today, it is easy for the new year to look bleak; particularly from an environmental standpoint. STOP! It is easy to give up on the environment because the problems are so big and our personal steps to help feel so small. Which new habits should you undertake to do your part- articles on social media demand you do them all and it can feel overwhelming. However the small steps we take together can make a huge impact on the future of our world!

I try to make environmentally conscience choices in my day to day life. I use re-usable bags at the store and don't put my veggies in those thin plastic bags. I exclusively use a re-usable water bottle, I recycle at my home and at the aquarium, I pick up trash whenever possible, I try to only buy used cars and clothes, and I carry my own bamboo silverware with me to avoid plastic-ware (fancy, right?). I also teach about the environment at the aquarium, through my Paige's Planet workshops and YouTube. However the online environmental guilt machine that my social media feed has become makes me feel like I am not doing nearly enough. I have to remind myself: no one can do everything, but everyone can do something! This year I am challenging myself to pick one thing each month, some big and some small, to continue to help reduce my footprint. I would love for you to give me ideas or embark on this journey into a little more planet protection with me!

Let's Get Started!

For January I am going to save a little energy in the laundry room! Now I go through A LOT of clothes. Between the outfits I wear to the aquarium that are covered in sweat, fish, and things I won't mention and my workout and yoga clothes, my laundry is extreme and abundant. There is no way I am willing or able to hand-wash those clothes with my current lifestyle. However, allowing the air to do its thing and dry them while I am out and about at work is something I could do. It may not fit into every lifestyle but this one works for me!

Why Air Drying Clothes Rocks My Socks:

1. According to drying 4 loads of laundry per week with a traditional dryer in Florida uses 580.32 kWhs of energy in one year. The air can do that for free!

2. Air drying clothes reduces wrinkles and prevents your clothes from the damage and gradual wear and tear it will experience in the dryer.

(Note: my college roomie, Jo, air dried all her clothes and she always looked spiffy!)

Basically, air drying is better for the earth and your clothes!

What I'm Doing:

So here's the thing: I am pretty broke right now as a young person trying to begin my career so I am doing this on a budget. I looked at the lovely and ever so fancy drying racks at the store but they were a bit out of my price range. I bought some clothes pins and a clothes line I plan on stretching across my room while my clothes dry. I am excited to start hanging some laundry! I'll let you know how it goes in next month's blog post!

I am anticipating times when time does not allow me to air dry all of my clothes every time but I will do my absolute best to let the dryer rest!

Happy New Year and thank you for following this journey into protecting the planet in 2019!

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