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February: Tupperware it Up!

I'm finally going to do it.

For years I have enjoyed eating out at restaurants that are generous enough to give me enough tasty food for a few meals. I have always felt bad about the Styrofoam or plastic To-Go bags; I felt worse about leaving the yummy food behind to be thrown away! Years ago someone suggested I carry my own Tupperware with me in my bag in case of that very event. I struggled with how I would be perceived- no one likes the girl who just pulled her own Tupperware out of her backpack, right?


I am finally going to do this thing that will help the planet. If that is weird then I revel in the weird!

Plus the alternatives are not a good option for the environment or for our health. Styrofoam is made from unsustainable petroleum and emits harmful chemical byproducts that pollute our air and may lead to climate change. In addition, Styrofoam never breaks down and is left on earth essentially forever. It can be recycled but there are very few recycling plants that accept it. The potentially harmful chemicals in Styrofoam may also leak into the food that is stored inside. Plastics and the planet do not mix either. For more information on plastics, see my two-part video HERE.

Beginning this month I will carry a re-usable To-Go box with me in my bag to save me at all over-generous restaurants!

Update: I have been hanging my clothes without fail! I did use the drier to wash my sheets and towels but that hardly counts as my in-apartment laundry line doesn't allow for such tall laundry.

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