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March: Gift Wrap, Environmental Armageddon?

As this is the month my birth took place many years ago, I've been thinking about gifts. As I am Paige, Plant Protector, I have also been thinking about the paper and bags that contain them and their effects on the environment. I love the joy of tearing open that wrapping paper or pulling the wrapping paper out to reveal the thoughtful present waiting inside. My goal this month is to find a way to create that same exciting experience without the waste of that pesky paper.

It is obvious that wrapping paper, along with the ribbons and bows that make them look so pretty, is unnecessary waste. Many types of wrapping paper cannot be recycled. Tissue paper also typically is non-recyclable. It adds to landfills and kills trees.

I do not want to end the tradition or the anticipation of wrapped gifts awaiting their big reveal. There are some easy ways to reduce the waste without reducing the fun. The key to environmentally friendly gifts is all about getting creative!

1) Reusable wrapping materials

By using things like bandannas and fabric instead of wrapping paper, the wrapping material can be patterned, cute, original, and Eco-friendly. Plus, the fabric can be used as hair bandannas or sewing fabric after the party! Check out this video for more!

2) Recycle and Reuse

I'm not talking about trying to convince a kid to open their Christmas presents in a neat manner so the paper can be reused- we all know that is simply lame. However, in this age of online shopping it is far from unusual to have a box or two lying around. Before that box hit the recycling bin, decorating it and putting that special gift inside is a great way to help save the environment. You can use more than just boxes, too! Nearly any container can be dressed up to look like the cutest present of the bunch!

This month I will start trying to be more Eco-considerate when wrapping gifts for others. Feel free to join me in this month's challenge!

Update: I must admit I did use the dryer one or twice as this past month has been a bit of a frenzy, but I am back on track as clothes are drying on the line as I write this. Sadly my Tupperware was killed in a freak ocean adventure accident, but will be replaced soon and I will be back in action! Keep Planet Protecting friends!

Thank you to my amazing older sister, Kelly, for this month's idea and inspiration!

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