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April: Let's Talk Microplastics

If you follow the ever-evolving tips on how to live a more Eco-friendly lifestyle, you have inevitably run into the term"microplastics" from time to time. Even after hearing about these tiny, pesky plastics in soap and beauty products, I haven't eliminated them from my life, nor have I completely understood how to. Today is the day! Let the microplastic elimination begin!

Why are Microplastics a problem?

These bothersome plastics are under 5mm in size and therefor they get EVERYWHERE. From the oceans, to your digestive system, and even in most bottled waters, you can't escape them. The negative ways they effect our health and the health of the planet are increasing as more and more microplastics are introduced to the natural world. You can avoid them to some extent and you can make sure that you are not contributing to the problem.

Microbeads and Microfibers

If you want to avoid microplastics, you have to stop buying them. Microplastics largely come from microfibers (the teeny bits of plastic woven into many of the clothes we wear that can be released in the daily wearing and washing/drying of those clothes) and Microbeads (small plastics added to beauty products and toiletries, especially those that exfoliate like tooth pastes and facial scrubs). Avoiding microfibers is a tough ask for anyone, but there are some easy ways to avoid microbeads.

Avoiding Microbeads

The good news is that microbeads are banned in some US states and much of the developed world! They are not completely gone though, so for this month I am going to start reading the labels on the products I buy to avoid microbeads. The ingredients to check for include:

“polyethylene” or “polypropylene”

Feel free to join me in my quest of living a microbead-less life and we can protect the planet together!

Update: As I have been busier than normal, I have been less careful about my Eco-friendly lifestyle. However I can honestly say that I am doing the best I can and can only hope to keep working towards protecting the planet!

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