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May: Get Creative!

If you follow the other Paige's Planet social media platforms you may already know that I emotionally spewed across the internet about my experience meeting my personal hero, Dr. Sylvia Earle. She has helped shape how I look at the world and hearing her speak has brought a new wave of inspiration for my work helping to save this gorgeously diverse and irreplaceable planet.

One of the topics Mrs. Earle (since I technically know her now I am very tempted to call her 'my BFF Sylvia' but since she may not exactly remember me from our brief encounter I will refrain) discussed was how every person can use their talents to help make the planet a better place. I make this part of my goal with Paige's Planet already. I sing, play ukulele, teach, and create to help save the planet. However there are so many other parts of my life I have never incorporated into my environmentally friendly goals. I had the realization that those things can also be used to make the future of this planet as bright as possible!

That brings me to May's challenge (insert fanfare music!):

This month I am going to figure out how to use at least one of my other passions to help the planet! Namely, I write a bit of poetry that centers around the planet and the animals I work with. I typically keep my poetry mostly private, but this month I am going to find a forum to share it and use my poetic voice to get the word out about my passion for wildlife!

Whatever talent you have, I encourage you to use your unique perspective and find out a way to make it part of your environmental journey, too! You have power and you are talented! If we all use our gifts and power together with the common goal of saving the planet, imagine what we can do!!

Update: This update is more of a confession. My carry-along Tupperware broke and I have yet to replace it and I have been less than keen to hang my clothes. Basically, I have been struggling to keep my environmentally friendly habits going. I have regressed a bit in some of my environmental goals in the past month, but I will keep working to improve. Stick with me, Planet Protectors, I feel newly inspired to do this!

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