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August: Paper, Paper, Read All About It!

In my opinion there are few joys greater than opening a new or new-to-me novel. There is something special and indescribable about flipping through the pages of a book that I find difficult to replicate on a tablet and or computer. That being said, I am also striving to be environmentally conscious in my daily life and wasting paper seems like an obvious eco-fopa. Paper is one of the many products that comes from trees. Trees are a renewable resource when grown and harvested responsibly, but devastation of the rain forest is an inexcusable problem. The bleaching of paper also adds harmful pollutants to the environment. The more paper I consume the more I am indirectly responsible for this damage. Today I am going to try to find ways to conserve on paper products while allowing myself the luxury of occasionally flipping open a book.

Tips to lessen your paper waste

1. Only print what you need and try to print double-sided.

2. Store your item electronically or on the cloud instead of printing things you do not need a hard copy of.

3. Unsubscribe to junk mail! This will save the environment and save you the headache of sorting through all that mail!

4. If you can stand it, read electronically via a tablet rather than buying a book.

5. Recycle! Paper seems to be one of the only things that is recycled almost everywhere!

6. Use reusables! I'm talking rags and clothes instead of napkins and paper towels, glass plates instead of paper, and ladies(I'm going there) maybe try a Diva Cup instead of other more wasteful feminine products if you fancy.

These things seems simple and small but it is all about everyone working together to make the planet what we want it to be.

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