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September: Bring a Buddy on Board

I'm going to keep it quick and simple this month.

You have an impact on the world around you. Considering the fact that you are reading a blog from some goofy animal girl about trying to save the environment, you probably care about that impact.

You also have an impact and influence on many of the people in your life.

It makes good plain sense to use your impact on those around you to increase your impact on the world around. So what stops you?

I know what stops me. Bringing up how people should alter their daily life to be more eco-friendly is AWKWARD! It feels rude and it is honestly none of my business how they choose to live their lives.

This month I want to overcome this fear of offending people with my eco-advice by not focusing on advising them, but by focusing on educating them. No one wants to be told what to do but I know many people who love to learn! There simply must be a respectful and acceptable way to have an educated discussion about the natural world and the things we can do to help it without coming off as bossy and intrusive.

I am going to focus on people who I am closest to first and work up to widening my range of influence further from there. That's right. look out immediate family, close friends, and boyfriend, we are going to talk about the biggest issues for our planet and look at what we can do!

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