What's it all about?

Hello! My name is Paige Konger. I grew up in west Florida helping my dad with our family’s business: The Tarpon Springs Aquarium. Working at the aquarium and growing up a bike-ride away from the Gulf of Mexico has allowed me the opportunity to work with and learn about the astonishing animals and ecosystems we share this planet with. After receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Oklahoma City University, I wanted to find a way to combine my love for the arts with my passion for protecting and caring for the wildlife I grew up with.

Paige’s Planet is a series of educational programs designed to promote preservation through the arts. This is done through a lively YouTube-based social media presence, in-person workshops and gatherings, and continuing my work at the Tarpon Springs Aquarium as well as in Florida’s vibrant theatre community.

Come and join my mission to preserve, create, and educate!